We are Specialty Coffee Roasters from Fullerton, CA.

As a family owned business, we are dedicated to provide the best and the most unique specialty coffee.

At Bravado Roasting Company, our mission is simple. We want our customers can taste the differences in finest specialty coffee consistently and pleasantly.

In order to achieve our goal, we have searched, tested, and sampled the characteristic specialty coffees around the world. In addition, to preserve the outstanding quality and consistency, we mostly pay more than the Fair-Trade price to farmers for supporting the sustainability and improving farmer’s living environment. 

Besides, in order to present the best aromas and tastes from the coffee, we have done numerous sample roasting for different levels to find out the most proper levels especially designed for each coffee beans.

Furthermore, we strive to preserve the freshness of our coffee from only importing the green beans in their harvest seasons to roasting coffee daily to vouch the freshness.

Every single bag is handcrafted to ensure the quality, we also do cupping for each batch to assure that the quality meets our high standards.

Here at Bravado Roasting Company, we devote to provide only the finest Specialty coffee with our Single Origin Reserve.